Does anyone know anything about the Decca Analog Golden Era recordings that are being issued by Universal Mexico? I just got the four Blu-ray discs of the Del Monaco operas. Despite the claim that these are PureAudio Blu-ray discs at 192 kHz/24-bit, the only program I can find on my Oppo UDP-205 or my wife's BDP-93 is DTS HD at 48 kHz/24-bit. Have you heard anything about these? I'm wondering if I am the only one who noticed. The reviewers in Fanfare all seem to have only the CD versions of these remasterings, not the Blu-rays.

It seems very strange that these are coming out of Mexico only. The booklets say that the actual tape-to digital transfers were done at Abbey Road Studios, which I also find strange. I thought all the Decca tapes were in Hanover.

Based on sampling these last night, I will say that even at 48 kHz, the sound is superb - better than anything Decca has issued here of this material. Strangely, I have found a lot of the Decca Originals remasterings to be very bright on top, including the Karajan Otello and the Solti Salome and Elektra. Regarding Salome and Elektra, the Blu-ray editions are just as bright as the two previous CD releases.



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