Just before Fred Maroth (of Music and Arts) died, he sent me the master tapes and conveyed the rights to the Haydn Society recordings. While I would have to check the tapes I have in the garage, the only I items I have by Marlowe were the Haydn Sonatas. However, there are other items I have that might have been recorded by her, some keyboard concertos, that do not have full performer listings on the tapes. If you have reference to specific items, I can check in the garage.

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 Some web references indicate Sylvia Marlowe made 6 records for HAYDN SOCIETY

I have found reference to only one album of 2-LP's, details below. 

Are there any others (Haydn Society) ???  




HAYDN SOCIETY HSLP-3037                                    2-LP 1951  auto

HAYDN: Keyboard Sonatas Nos. 1-10

Performed by SYLVIA MARLOWE, harpsichord

Recorded in New York City, October 1951

liner note: Karl Geiringer

cover design by Eugene Berman

side 1  XTV 15944

No. 1 in C --

No. 2 in B flat --

side 2  XTV 15945

No. 3 in C --

No. 4 in D --

side 3  XTV 15946

No. 5 in A --

No. 6 in G --

No. 7 in C --

side 4 XTV 15947

No. 8 in G --

No. 9 in F --

No. 10 in C.