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The ALCTS CaMMS Cataloging Norms Interest Group is pleased to announce its program at the ALA Midwinter conference held in Denver, Colorado Convention Center, Room 705/707, 10:30-11:30 am, Saturday, February 10, 2018.

There will be three presentations, each very different but relevant to what catalogers are dealing with today.  The presentations will be 15 minutes long, and there will be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

*       Catalogers Cyberstalking Authors: relationship between cataloging and social media  (Ilda Cardenas, Mississippi State University)
      A survey was sent out to investigate the use of social media to create a name authority record among catalogers. The preliminary results suggest catalogers are "stalking" authors' social media profiles for information to include in an authority record. They are using social media instead of contacting authors or publishers directly for this information and it appears to be common practice. This presentation will summarize the results of this survey.

*       Florida Academic Libraries' Catalog Data Integration and Migration  (Christine Dunleavy, University of South Florida St. Petersburg)
      State-wide, working groups of library information professionals, librarians, library administrators, and staff are regularly reviewing data through Florida Academic Libraries' implementation of Innovative Interfaces' Sierra/Encore Duet. Forty college and university libraries and library systems will share a single bibliographic record in the new environment of approximately thirteen million bibliographic records.  By tracking selected titles of differing types, e-books, orders, serials, etc., as they travel through the system, it will be obvious how the data loads and discovery layer influence the records. Errors or problems can come from many different sources-the data load and configuration can be the first to check, but there also can be bad metadata in the original system. There will be things we can change now, things to stay watchful for, and things we can change after the system goes live which is projected for July 2018.

*       Meeting Patrons in the Middle: adapting cataloging practices to better meet patron needs.  (Joanna Ewing, University of Central Arkansas)
      One of our main responsibilities as catalogers is to facilitate resource discovery by choosing and/or creating records that accurately describe those resources.  However, existing copy cataloging records often do not provide all of the information that a patron may need to locate a needed resource, such as specialized subject headings or contents notes.  This presentation will discuss how cataloging practices at the University of Central Arkansas have been positively influenced by reference transactions and collaborations with teaching faculty and other library staff.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the session!

ALCTS CaMMS Cataloging Norms Interest Group (CNIG)
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