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If you hadn't encountered them before, BIBFRAME may have introduced you
to application profiles. As I understand it, BIBFRAME was initially
designed as a flexible bibliographic data format with the idea that
specific community needs could be addressed through profiles, which were
presented in a BIBFRAME 1.0 document (which I cannot find in the
archive). BIBFRA.ME, which some of you are familiar with, makes use of
profiles to address different data needs.

There is a W3C working group concerned with metadata for datasets and
which is also tasked with creating guidelines for application profiles.
[1] This arises out of the W3C Dataset Catalog standard (DCAT)[2] which
resulted in the development of a number of different application
profiles [3]. There are additional documents and links about profiles on
the wiki. [4] This will be the first time that W3C has addressed
standards for profiles. The BIBFRAME work leaned heavily on work don in
the Dublin Core community. [5]

The announcement below is for the first draft of the use cases and
requirements (UCR) for the group, which covers an update to the DCAT
standard but also requirements for profiles (6.8). If you are working
with profiles, or have any interest in them, please take a look at the
UCR document and send any comments to the email list given there.


*** Please forward to potentially interested groups and individuals ***


The Dataset Exchange Working Group (DXWG) [1] is pleased to announce the
publication of the First Public Working Draft of the Dataset Exchange
Use Cases and Requirements.[2]

The working group will produce a second version of the Data Catalog
(DCAT) Vocabulary [3], guidance for the creation of application
profiles, and content negotiation based on those profiles. The Use Cases
and Requirements cover all three deliverables.

This document is the outcome of collaborative effort from the Working
Group. We want to hear your comments on the document as it will guide
the group in the three work areas. Please send any comments to the
comments list [4] by January 20, 2018.

All feedback is welcome and will receive a response from the group. We
look forward to hearing from you!

The W3C Dataset Exchange Working Group


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