I am looking for the following NTSB report. Per the NTSB, the accident docket for this accident was destroyed and they only have the brief listed below. The pilot was Milton J. Brown. Passengers were Dr. W. Randolph Lovelace, II, and Mary Lovelace. Any information on the accident is greatly appreciated.


NTSB Identification: DEN66A0045

14 CFR Part 135 Nonscheduled operation of CUTTER FLY SER

Aircraft: BEECH B95, registration: N9975R

 FILE    DATE          LOCATION          AIRCRAFT DATA       INJURIES       FLIGHT                        PILOT DATA
                                                               F  S M/N     PURPOSE
2-1085  65/12/12 NR.ASPEN COLO         BEECH B95           CR-  1  0  0  COMMERCIAL                COMMERCIAL, FL.INSTR.,
        TIME - 1300                    N9975R              PX-  2  0  0  AIR TAXI-PASSG            AGE 27, 4000 TOTAL HOURS,
                                       DAMAGE-DESTROYED    OT-  0  0  0                            600 IN TYPE, INSTRUMENT
        TYPE OF ACCIDENT                                         PHASE OF OPERATION
        REMARKS- RECOVERY DATE 12/15/66.

Full narrative is not available







Roni Anderson


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