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> The relationship that RDA expects to be represented hierarchically in the AAP string is
> the relationship between the work and an expression. There is no relationship designator
> for the relationship between a work and an expression ...

No designators, but we do have the elements in RDA Chapter 17 and their labeling to make the relationships clear:

100 1 $a Gregorovius, Ferdinand, $d 1821-1891. $t Lucrezia Borgia. $l German $s (Third edition)
500 1 $i Work expressed: $a Gregorovius, Ferdinand, $d 1821-1891. $t Lucrezia Borgia $w r

That said, I haven't come across any authority records making use of these elements--putting NACO practice and record maintenance aside, the Work AAP is already embedded in the Expression AAP in a kind of shorthand, as Stephen notes above.  But this can be different in Bibframe or another non-MARC coding environment:

bfWork record describing an RDA Work
<work expressed> / <expression of work>
bfWork record describing an RDA Expression

As we move into linked data record/data formats, is it worth the effort to begin denoting Chapter 17 relationships *explicitly* in MARC authority records?

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