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Any comments on the NAR below?


I have at my desk several documents about the PortAmerica project. Other than two or three "official" publications of the U.S. Gov't, only one book is retrieved in WorldCat (record also below, only three holdings; it’s in In general there is a wealth of silence about PortAmerica. I wondered if it eventually morphed into the National Harbor, which appears to occupy the same site, but apparently not.  I didn't find much info about PortAmerica elsewhere either.  Here are links to a couple of articles in the Washington Post, which seem to confirm my suspicions, although the National Harbor isn't mentioned.


Nor does anyone appear to have found just cause to create a NAR for the National Harbor (also called National Harborfront).  People might think that a "harbor" is actually a port, and you can indeed dock small craft there, but I doubt that H 405 Establishing Certain Entities in the Name or Subject Authority File would apply, since it isn't "really" a port so much as a suburban residential/commercial development typical of those that surround America’s cities.


My question about the NAR is: should it exist?  PortAmerica doesn't, never has, except in the minds and documents of those working on it.  Perhaps it should be edited to replace the qualifier or something.  One possibility: a 667 note that it isn't to be confused with the National Harbor.




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