She doesn't appear to have written anything (she's an actress, not an author).  It is highly likely that if she "writes" a book as a British princess, it will be in the new choice of name - and it is unlikely she'll ever appear as an actress portraying a character.   Also she was not as well known as Grace Kelly - meaning that within a short time her maiden name will be a triva question, not a useful access point.  Caroline Kennedy is not a relevant example since she continues to write (law books, among other things) using her maiden name (based on the transcription in the 245 field) so the rule is no different than any other married author who continues to use her maiden name professionally.

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Yes, just as in AACR2 there is a provision that if a person is best known by their previous name that would be the preferred name and the basis for the authorized access point.  And if Grace Kelly is still best known by that name, then in RDA that would be her preferred name and her authority record could be changed.  I believe the example in RDA is Caroline Kennedy (am at home atm and haven't checked RDA).

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When she marries and changes her name to Meghan, princess of ..., is there a provision where we could leave her heading as is, at least until she starts publishing under her royal name?

It's the same problem with Grace Kelly.  I think we do a disservice to the users by calling her Grace when most (all?) of the usage was as Grace Kelly.

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