Hi, Brewster,

Many of us get lost in the complexities of the ways of finding what is in your archive.  

Have you thought of a brief session, on or off the program, at forthcoming ARSC, that would explain, guide, and answer questions

If other commitments permitted, I'd certainly attend.

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Digitize each 78rpm record only once for several collections

The great78project is digitizing 78's now at about 5,000 sides/month, and we have about 56k done.

We are finding many duplicates, so we are looking for the best version and then assign that to the different collections rather than duplicate.

   Here is a post about how it is doing:

As part of this, I made a list of the digitized records sorted by label/catalog number:

I thought others might want to look at overlap with you collections on what we have done already.  If you do a sample or something, pls post what you find-- how much overlap is there?

(while we are 56k in, we are looking to digitize 400k, so this is not the end-all.  we are still signing up the physical collections).


ps. in that .txt file, you will see an identifier like 78_yankee-patrol_zon-o-phone-concert-band_gbia0010416a   if you prepend it is a link to the details page:

or metadata:

or download directory: