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bf:title [ a bf:ParallelTitle,



            rdfs:label "西遊記"@zh-cmn-hant;

            bflc:titleSortKey "西遊記";

            bf:mainTitle "西遊記"@zh-cmn-hant ],

        [ a bf:Title;

            rdfs:label "西遊記 = Journey to the west /"@zh-cmn-hant;

            bflc:titleSortKey "西遊記 = Journey to the west /";

            bf:mainTitle "西遊記"@zh-cmn-hant;

            bf:subtitle "Journey to the west"@en-us ],

        [ a bf:ParallelTitle,



            rdfs:label "Journal to the west"@en;

            bflc:titleSortKey "Journey to the west";

            bf:mainTitle "Journey to the west"@en-us ],

        [ a bf:Title;

            rdfs:label "Xi you ji /"@pinyin;

            bflc:titleSortKey "Xi you ji /";

            bf:mainTitle "Xi you ji"@pinyin ];


With respect to language tagging it is best to not use extlang subtags, so

@zh-cmn-hant would be better as @cmn-hant or @zh-hant  

Richard Ishida's subtag tool contains the note for the cmn extlang subtag: For use with the zh primary language subtag, ie. as the sequence zh-cmn. However it is usually preferable to replace that sequence with just the cmn primary language subtag. On the other hand, the primary language subtag zh is often preferred by legacy applications for Mandarin Chinese, rather than cmn or zh-cmn.

Note that there is both a language subtag cmn and an extlang subtag cmn both representing Mandarin.

Regarding @pinyin,

This should be @zh-latn-pinyin

A variant subtag should not be used by itself. And the pinyin variant subtag should only be used with a valid prefix: zh-Latn, bo-Latn