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I will see if I can make it happen quickly. We are about to put up a new website, and I am not sure if I run the table update, whether they can do it right away.

Happy New Year to your family as well.

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It is anomalous for there to be an individual-language entry in the code table for 639-2 that is not in the code table for 639-3. Note the statement on the 639-3 RA site, http://www-01.sil.org/iso639-3/relationship.asp:


“The set of individual languages listed in ISO 639-2 is a subset of those listed in ISO 639-3.”


Since Montenegrin has been added to 639-2, you should add that immediately to the 639-3 table, without waiting for the update cycle that you have for other changes.


The code table for 639-2 doesn’t change very often now, and 639-1 much less so. But anytime a change involving an individual language is made to either of these, I think 639-3 should be updated immediately to stay in sync.



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Subject: Montenegrin code now on ISO 639-2 table


Dear colleagues,


The code for Montenegrin has been added to ISO 639-2:




I also made an announcement to the MARC community on the MARC listserv:




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