*MODS 3.7 released

The MODS/MADS Editorial Committee and the Library of Congress are 
pleased to announce that a new incremental version of the MODS Schema, 
3.7, is now available at (and 
also available at,, and

This revision is backwards compatible to version 3.6 and therefore only 
includes changes that do not result in invalidating existing MODS 
records.Some changes of particular note in MODS 3.7 are:
1) Provide the capability to specify an authority for the publisher 
(addition of authority, authorityURI and valueURI to the publisher 
2) Remove controlled-list restriction from typeOfResource so that any 
value may be supplied
3) Addition of @calendar to <dateIssued> <dateCreated> <dateModified> 
<CopyrightDate> and <dateOther> subelements
4) Support for alternative names

The complete list of changes may be found at:
Updates to the MODS User Guidelines, the MARC to MODS mapping, and the 
XSLT conversion that incorporate 3.7 changes will be available on the 
MODS Web site soon.

Please direct any comments or questions on the MODS 3.7 schema to the 
MODS Listserv.

Melanie Wacker
on behalf of the MODS/MADS Editorial Committee