Colleagues :

Hi -- while we are on this subject of "enhanced" Name Authority
Records/Entity descriptions, I wonder if I could ask a somewhat related
question of the Collected Wisdom.

Over the winter break, I re-read Hannah Arendt's masterful, *Eichmann in
Jerusalem,* describing the 1961 trial of the Nazi, Adolf Eichmann.
In the book, Arendt names names, and while I was reading I took notes.

Last week I updated some of the names from my notes for those folks who
have LC/NAF Name Authority Records.
For example,

Heydrich, Reinhard, 1904-1942 (n 50082721),

Globocnik, Odilo, 1904-1945 (n 84182607),

Theresienstadt (Concentration camp) (no 96065698),

Duckwitz, Georg Ferdinand, 1904-1973 (no2003032418),

Dimitrov, Georgi, 1882-1949 (n 80050514).

I am curious whether these sorts of NACO "enhancements" will be seen as
beneficial and helpful.
That is do these additional attributes, facets, and detail help move us
closer to a linked data environment?

Or should NYU be prepared for additional calls in the next couple of weeks
to remove this "superfluous" data?
That is, before we proceed with "enhancing" any additional LC/NAF Entity
descriptions, I would value PCC feedback
on whether such efforts help move the library community forward.

Thank you very much for any thoughts, comments or suggestions.
with best regards,


Everett Allgood
Authorities Librarian & Principal Serials Cataloger
New York University Libraries
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