Those of you who were at the OLAC Conference and attended my workshop on Applying LC Faceted Vocabularies (, might recall that I gave examples showing the use of the new subfield $i in fields 370 and 386, but noting that at that time OCLC software didn’t validate them.  That problem was fixed in early January, and catalogers can now use the new subfield $i.


Here are some examples of how I think it could be useful:


100 1   Rautavaara, Einojuhani, ǂd 1928-2016, ǂe composer.

245 10 Piano concertos 1 & 2 / ǂc Einojuhani Rautavaara.

386      ǂi Composer: ǂa Finns ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂi Composer: ǂa Men ǂ2 lcdgt

511 0   Ralf Gothoni, piano ; Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, Max Pommer, conductor (1st work) ; Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, conductor (2nd work).

     A sound recording; characteristics of the creator of the works recorded are given but not characteristics of the performers.


245 00 String quartet no. 8 / ǂc Peter Sculthorpe. String quartet no. 3 : some aspects of Peltoniemi Hintrik's funeral march / Aulis Sallinen. Company / Philip Glass. String quartet / Conlon Nancarrow. Purple haze / Jimi Hendrix ; arranged by Steven Rifkin.

370      ǂi Capture place: ǂf New York (N.Y.) ǂ2 naf

386      ǂ3 String quartet no. 8 ǂi Composer: ǂa Australians ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂ3 String quartet no. 3 ǂi Composer: ǂa Finns ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂ3 Company ; String quartet ; Purple haze ǂi Composer: ǂa Americans ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂ3 Purple haze ǂi Composer: ǂa African Americans ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂi Composer: ǂa Men ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂi Performer: ǂa Americans ǂ2 lcdgt

511 0   Kronos Quartet.

518      Recorded June 1985, at the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, New York City.

       A sound recording; characteristics of both creators of the works and performers are given.


130 0    Gravity (Motion picture : 2013)

245 10  Gravity / ǂc directed by Alfonso Cuarón ; written by Alfonso Cuarón & Jonás Cuarón ; produced by Alfonso Cuarón ; produced by David Heyman ; executive producers, Nikki Penny, Chris DeFaria, Stephen Jones ; a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation ; an Esperanto Filmoj produktado ; a Heyday Films production ; an Alfonso Cuarón film.

257       United States ǂa Great Britain ǂ2 naf

386       ǂi Film director: ǂa Mexicans ǂ2 lcdgt

386       ǂi Film director: ǂa Men ǂ2 lcdgt

     An American/British film production, directed by a Mexican man; only characteristics of the director considered important enough to record. (Users might wish to search for films directed by Mexicans, regardless of the country of production.)


100 1   Bolton, Chris A., ǂe author.

245 10 Smash. ǂp Trial by fire / ǂc written by Chris A. Bolton ; art by Kyle Bolton.

386      ǂi Author: ǂa Washingtonians (Washington State) ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂi Artist: ǂa Oregonians ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂi Author: ǂa Seattleites

386      ǂi Artist: ǂa Portlanders

386      ǂi Author, ǂi Artist: ǂa Men ǂ2 lcdgt

386      ǂi Author, ǂi Artist: ǂa Brothers ǂ2 lcdgt

700 1   Bolton, Kyle, ǂe artist.

      A graphic novel created by two brothers, one of whom lives in Seattle and the other who lives in Portland.  The third and fourth 386s are uncontrolled terms considered important for inclusion by the cataloger.  The fifth and sixth 386s show that $i is repeatable (although these fields would probably also be coded correctly without any $i’s at all since the terms Men and Brothers apply to all of the creators.)






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