Robert, thanks for laying out those rules.


In my opinion the qualifier was misleading. I’m not familiar with the works of Bradley (Trainum), but unless the novels have a statement, “Patricia Bradley, who has a day job as an educator,” the user is misled by the name form. He or she expects the works of this person to be related to education.


Ted Gemberling


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I believe what John Hostage was originally getting at is:  should this AAP have been changed?


I think the answer is:  No, unless you think the qualifier used was incorrect or misleading, because the string is in valid RDA form.  The LC/PCC practice is to "generally" not change valid RDA AAPs.





LC practice/PCC practice: Generally, do not change the authorized access point in an existing authority record coded "rda" that is fully established unless one or more of these conditions applies:


1. a date of death is added to an authorized access point that has an open date of birth, or a date of birth is added to an authorized access point that has only a date of death


2. the authorized access point must be changed to break a conflict with another authorized access point


3. an error in the authorized access point must be corrected (e.g., "1979-" instead of "1970-")


4. a person has requested a change to their authorized access point that can be accommodated by current cataloging instructions


5. there has been a change in cataloging instructions affecting the authorized access point.


On rare occasions, a person requests that the formulation of their authorized access point be changed (e.g., to remove a date of birth or a fuller form of name). LC and PCC should attempt to honor such requests by changing the appropriate fields in the record, and indicate in a note that the person's preference has been followed.



If someone thought the qualifier was misleading, they should have included the former AAP as an 4xx cross reference with $w nne when they created a new AAP (with correct punctuation).





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Oh, boy, I just realized they didn’t revise name-title authorities associated with Patricia Bradley (Educator). One is no2014039859.


Ted Gemberling


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I think (Educator) was particularly misleading if the heading is for a pseudonym. She went by Trainum as an educator. If one was to put a qualifier on, it should have been (Novelist) or something similar.

In what sense would you say it was a “valid” heading? Because it had the right punctuation?

Pardon my being out of touch, but I’ve got the impression lately that people are adding dates to old headings, even when not necessary to distinguish names. Is that a new policy? Can we change authorized access points now if we find ways to improve them? I like the idea if we can do it. I think Bradley, Patricia,
ǂd 1945- is a much better name form than the old form.



Ted Gemberling

UAB Lister Hill Library


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The heading Bradley, Patricia $c (Educator) was established in 2013.  It’s the pseudonym of a writer of “romance suspense” novels who formerly worked in education.


A couple of weeks ago the heading was changed to Bradley, Patricia ǂd 1945-

Aside from the fact that commas are missing from the 100 and 400, there is no 400 for the earlier heading.  Also, there are two author-title series authorities that were not revised.


On the one hand, since she seems to have left her school job in 2008, the qualifier (Educator) might be misleading.  On the other hand, it was a valid RDA heading, and is it really worthwhile to be changing such headings?  (Things, not strings.)  And if it is worthwhile, shouldn’t it be done completely? 



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