These changes were done by someone at LC:  040 DLC ǂb eng ǂc DLC ǂe rda


Oddly enough, when they changed the record, they also should have added $d DLC to the 040 and they didn’t.  (They have to do this by hand I believe, since they don’t work in OCLC).


Perhaps the Coop team can contact the cataloger who made the changes and ask them to fix the errors in the record?


Adam Schiff

University of Washington Libraries


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Subject: Unnecessary changes


The heading Bradley, Patricia $c (Educator) was established in 2013.  It’s the pseudonym of a writer of “romance suspense” novels who formerly worked in education.


A couple of weeks ago the heading was changed to Bradley, Patricia ǂd 1945-

Aside from the fact that commas are missing from the 100 and 400, there is no 400 for the earlier heading.  Also, there are two author-title series authorities that were not revised.


On the one hand, since she seems to have left her school job in 2008, the qualifier (Educator) might be misleading.  On the other hand, it was a valid RDA heading, and is it really worthwhile to be changing such headings?  (Things, not strings.)  And if it is worthwhile, shouldn’t it be done completely? 



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