Looking at the record brings up another unrelated point that has been bothering me: the President is chief executive of the United States.

To use a less controversial example, Barack Obama was chief executive of the United States, not as his NAR states, chief executive of “United States.  President (2009-2017 : Obama).”  That is the AAP for an office he held and functions as kind of an alternative identity.  The concept is kind of anomalous in the RDA scheme of things.



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Dear colleagues:

     While I have no respect whatsoever for the person currently holding the office, is such non-objective information what we really want in our authority records?:


010    n  85387872

670  Newsweek.com, 16 November 2017 ǂb (When has Trump been accused of rape or attempted rape? Allegations include a child, his wife and a business associate) ǂu http://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-rape-sexual-assault-minor-wife-business-victims-roy-moore-713531

670  Root.com, 6 December 2017 ǂb (President Pussy Grabber damn near stumps for accused Sex Offender Roy Moore, because of course he would) ǂu https://www.theroot.com/president-pussy-grabber-damn-near-stumps-for-accused-se-1820657867

678  Donald Trump (born 1946) is a U.S. real estate developer, billionaire, television personality, political candidate, and author. Trump has been accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping, by at least fifteen women since the 1980s.


    Following that perverse logic, I would expect such additions as: 372  Sexual harassment of women  $2 lcsh


    Seriously, I try to exclude all judgmental characterizations—positive or negative—from my authority work, and I believe others should do so as well.  IMO, whoever added the data in bold-face ought to remove it. It just adds fuel to an already out-of-control conflagration.



Chuck Herrold

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh