Perhaps both the note, to be understanded of the people, and in the AP, for the delectation of cataloging cognoscenti (because what the ... does "Reprint of (manifestation)" mean to the intelligent person in the street, who may not understand the subtleties of "( )" nor know what to us is "manifest"?).

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You could do that in a note, but it could be recorded in a linking field instead:


775 08 ǂi Reprint of (manifestation): ǂa ….


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I used to use the following when publisher changed: Reprint. Originally publishe: [data in ISBD format]


Geme Fieg

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Is there an RDA equivalent for what was used before as Originally published? I have a book that was first published in Argentina by XYX and now it has been republished again in Chile, 2 years later and by a different publisher. Before RDA, I would have used the note: Originally published: <previous edition information>. Title stays the same, hasn't change, only publishers. Is there any appropriate "designator" from Appendix J that is the equivalent? or similar? Thanks.


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