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I am looking at how the series of titles “Oberon book of monologues for …” and “Oberon book of modern monologues for …” have been catalogued over time. Often there are two 050s.


It seems that if monologues are published for particular groups of actors, we can assume the LC classification is PN2080 (Theatre – Selections for practice). But if not specifying the type of actor, we should use PN4305.M6 (Oratory – Monologues).


Some of the records have also been updated with analytical access points for the monologues, e.g. 700 1 $i Contains portion of (work): a John, Errol, $d 1924-1988. $t Moon on a rainbow shawl.


I haven’t seen “portion of (work)” before. Is that recommended? I guess “Selections” can’t be used since it’s only one selection from a play?


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