If the record is being deleted and merged into another record, is there any reason to keep the field?  The note explains why the Dance Heritage record is Auth status=d, but it won’t be relevant in the other record.  We don’t retain source information for other information that we merge.



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Having come across two duplicate authority records, I’m now at the copy data-and-report stage.  The record to be deleted includes this 667 field: “Data contributed by the Dance Heritage Coalition for the New York Public Library Dance Collection.”  This is my first time transferring data between records that include this kind of note.  I’m considering moving it to the retained record and adding “Some…” to its head, as the note will only apply to one 670 field in a record that includes four others.  Or, alternatively, shifting the note down to the relevant 670 $b.


But before I go any further, is there a policy or best practice for handling 667 notes of this sort in a merge record situation?



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