Ach!  Youíre correct Netanel.  This isnít the first time Iíve flipped occupation and activity in my head.

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Although field of activity is indeed not on the list of valid additions to an AAP as found in 9.19.1, I would think that 'Educator' [as opposed to 'Education'] is a profession/occupation and thus is permitted under


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I would add thatField of Activity was a candidate element for AAPs in RDAís greener days, but no longer isóthat is, if ď(Educator)Ē is intended to be a Field of Activity term.  Thereís no 372 field in the Bradley record to confirm.  Touching the 100 field would seem to be justified if following bullet point #5 in Robertís list below.



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I believe what John Hostage was originally getting at is:  should this AAP have been changed?


I think the answer is:  No, unless you think the qualifier used was incorrect or misleading, because the string is in valid RDA form.  The LC/PCC practice is to "generally" not change valid RDA AAPs.





LC practice/PCC practice: Generally, do not change the authorized access point in an existing authority record coded "rda" that is fully established unless one or more of these conditions applies:


1. a date of death is added to an authorized access point that has an open date of birth, or a date of birth is added to an authorized access point that has only a date of death


2. the authorized access point must be changed to break a conflict with another authorized access point


3. an error in the authorized access point must be corrected (e.g., "1979-" instead of "1970-")


4. a person has requested a change to their authorized access point that can be accommodated by current cataloging instructions


5. there has been a change in cataloging instructions affecting the authorized access point.


On rare occasions, a person requests that the formulation of their authorized access point be changed (e.g., to remove a date of birth or a fuller form of name). LC and PCC should attempt to honor such requests by changing the appropriate fields in the record, and indicate in a note that the person's preference has been followed.



If someone thought the qualifier was misleading, they should have included the former AAP as an 4xx cross reference with $w nne when they created a new AAP (with correct punctuation).





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