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In September 2017 38 Europeans from 16 European countries (and 3 presenters from US) gathered for the first European BIBFRAME Workshop at the German National Library, Frankfurt.

The workshop discussed the barriers for implementation of BIBFRAME in breakout sessions. The lack of interest and implementations from the vendors of ILS were seen as a key issue. As a follow-up of the 2017 workshop, the organizer group of the 2018 workshop has developed BIBFRAME Expectations for ILS tenders.


Now is it a pleasure for the Organizer Group of the 2018 European BIBFRAME Workshop to announce the publication of:

•         BIBFRAME Expectations for ILS tenders / Organizer Group 2018 European BIBFRAME Workshop, February 2018

Feel free to inform about this initiative everywhere.


This document is published in combination with slides from the 2017 workshop at Documents and Results of the 2017 European BIBFRAME Workshop:


The 2018 European BIBFRAME Workshop is scheduled for 18 and 19 September 2018 in Florence, Italy. And the European BIBFRAME Tutorial is scheduled for 17 September 2018 in Florence, Italy.


The Organizer Group of the 2018 European BIBFRAME Workshop:

·         Leif Andresen, Royal Danish Library

·         Osma Suominen, National Library of Finland

·         Reinhold Heuvelmann, German National Library

·         Michele Casalini, Casalini Libri s.p.a. 

·         Sally McCallum, Library of Congress

·         Philip E. Schreur, Stanford University. Green Library


On behalf of the Organizer Group of the 2018 European BIBFRAME Workshop


Leif Andresen



Leif Andresen
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