No, we are not having the update on February 11, 2017 as some of the announcements sent on Monday said.  It will be Sunday February 11, 2018.  Sorry for the typo.  Sally McCallum


Library of Congress BIBFRAME Update

Sunday, February 11, 2018;  10:30-12:00

Colorado Convention Center, Room 601/603


The BIBFRAME Update will focus on explorations.  The ongoing Library of Congress Pilot 2 is yielding insights – smoothing rocky paths and questioning if title authorities should be bibs.    Indexdata will describe the impact of BIBFRAME on the new system that they are involved in developing, FOLIO.  Alma is the exploration site for BIBFRAME in ExLibris with active user working groups.  The Linked Data for Metadata Production (LD4) is reaching a 2 year grant milestone with interesting achievements to describe.  And OCLC will provide an update on their BIBFRAME explorations. 


Join us on Sunday morning!


Library of Congress Pilot

Sally McCallum, Chief, Network Development and Standards Office, Library of Congress 

Folio and BIBFRAME

Sebastian Hammer, President, Indexdata

Alma, Linked data, and BIBFRAME

Amy Pemble, Product Manager,  ExLibris

Achievements of 2016/2018 LD4P Project

Michelle Futornick, Program Manager, LD4P


              John Chapman,  OCLC