*NISO Virtual Conference*

*Wednesday, February 14, 11:00am - 5:00pm*

The Preprint: Integrating the Form into the Scholarly Ecosystem

*Don't Miss Hearing From These Speakers:*

   - *Gregg Gordon, *SSRN
   - *Mark Seeley, *SciPubLaw
   - *Neil Thakur, *NIH
   - *Matthew Spitzer, *Center for Open Science
   - *Darla Henderson, *American Chemical Society (ACS)
   - *John Inglis*, Cold Spring Harbor Press
   - *Oya Rieger*, Cornell University
   - *Jamie Wittenberg*, Indiana University - Bloomington

According to Wikipedia, the preprint is a “version of a scholarly
or scientific paper that precedes publication in a peer-reviewed scholarly
or scientific journal”. Preprint archives, such as arXiv and SSRN, rapidly
achieved prominence in both the hard and social sciences as rapid access to
new work became a priority. It’s wonderful to have those platforms, but
what are best practices for libraries and other content providers in
working with them? Should preprints be assigned DOIs? What relationship
should exist between pre-prints and discovery services? What is the
interoperability with link resolvers like? What are the implications for
citation practices?

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