The Boulder Labs Library has posted a new job announcement in USAJOBS:

Librarian, GS-1410-11/12

Job Announcement (MAP): OAR-ESRL-2018-0004

Job Announcement (DE):    OAR-ESRL-2018-0005


Open Period: 2/7/2018 to 2/20/2018

This position is located in Boulder, Colorado and will perform the following duties:

  • Manage the Library’s Library Service Platform (LSP), work with publishers and vendors to collect and analyze usage statistics and instructs staff and patrons on the use of electronic information products, software and systems.
  • Play key role in both the assessment of the library’s collection strategies and the maintenance of the collection itself, including oversight of the selection and deselection of library materials, coordination of shifting projects, collaboration with subject liaisons to promote library collections.
  • Manage, plans and supervises all acquisitions operations for a scientific library.
  • Establish and update cataloging policies for BLL and performs cataloging of all library materials following Library of Congress (LC) practice.

These duties are described at the full performance level (FPL) GS-12, the GS-11 is developmental leading to such performance.

Joan Segal
325 Broadway R/ESRL5
Boulder, CO 80305

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