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This weekend the Architect of the Capitol will again briefly shut down all power to the Library of Congress data center, as it has done for the last several years.  The Architect of the Capitol will be conducting scheduled maintenance on the Capitol Hill campus from 7 p.m. ET, Friday, Feb. 16 through Monday, Feb. 19, requiring these power outages.  We expect our systems to be fully functional again on Monday Feb 19, by 5pm.


Thus, the Library of Congress web site, all listservs, schemas, and stylesheets will not be accessible for that period.


For XML standards, we have attempted to post the schemas and stylesheets to other locations.


For METS and ALTO, BIBFRAME, schemas and stylesheets are available on GitHub:


Others, including MARCXML, MADS, MODS, EAD and MARC, PREMIS, VRACore are in a new GitHub repo at :


For MODS and PREMIS, some stylesheets are also in this GitHub repo :


We do encourage making local copies of all schema and xslt programs, and using catalogs, to avoid having to validate across the web.


For more information on the outage, see


We apologize for this inconvenience.



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