This reminds me that I was going to put together a list of some
well-regarded seafood restaurants in Baltimore (for Herr Dr.Lotz and
everyone else).  I have stayed with restaurants in or near downtown, Harbor
East or Fells Point.  I don't eat much seafood myself, so I am going on
reputation rather than personal experience:

   - Phillips - 601 East Pratt St, Inner Harbor
   - Oceanaire - 801 Aliceanna St, Harbor East
   - Rusty Scupper - 402 Key Highway, Inner Harbor
   - Bertha's (famous for mussels - they even have a song about them!) -
   734 S. Broadway, Fells Point.  Also has live jazz some nights.
   - Ouzo Bay - 1000 Lancaster St, Harbor East
   - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co - 301 Light St, Harborplace
   - Thames St Oyster House - 1728 Thames St, Fells Point

Hope this is helpful.  Thanks.


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> I've never made it from Philly to Baltimore by car in less than 2 hours
> (without stopping). Getting through CT and New York is traffic heavy. From
> Philly to Boston with no traffic and 2 25 minute "rest stops", is about 6 -
> 6 1/2 hours. So total drive is realistically 8-9 hours. And you aren't
> seeing anything. The big food in Boaton is SEAFOOD and BALTIMORE is on the
> HARBOR so plenty of Seafood there!   Just saying...
> It's 407 miles and Google Directions say that from the Hyatt in Boston to
> the Raddison in Baktimore is 6 hours 48 minutes (if you leave NOW 8:50 PM
> and hit no traffic).
> Steve
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> By all means go to Philadelphia, which is a fine town. However, Boston to
> Baltimore should not be a ten hour drive unless something goes very wrong.
> Boston to New York should only be about 4 hours, and New York to Baltimore
> should be about 3 hours. YMMV, but I've driven both of these routes dozens
> of times.
> If you do decide on Boston, let me know and I'll get you some seafood
> recommendations.
> Cheers,
> Matt Barto