obviously you are trying to diagnose where the problem is. It sounds like
you suspect the problem is with Audacity. So use a different recording
software. I think there is a free version of Studio One that can record
audio in stereo. It could also be your cables. You can check by switching
left and right side in controlled way (checking that if changes anything,
esp. if you can get to have mono on the other channel).


On Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 7:59 AM, Eli Bildirici <
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> What I think you're saying is that after file export to WAV or FLAC, the
> resultant file is a stereo file that has the left channel in it twice,
> right? Not that during the act of recording, the left channel isn't ever
> coming through at all. If the latter...that sounds like an driver issue,
> device setting issue, or other issue with the capture devices themselves,
> tbh. You can troubleshoot this by monitoring from Audacity while recording
> rather than your sources. And I don't know what could cause the former, as
> a matter of settings; if you're exporting the entire file than that's what
> should happen - you should have to manually duplicate the left channel and
> delete the right otherwise.
> This sounds very odd. I can't say I've ever experienced anything like
> this. I've reimported files into Audacity after having recorded them and
> they've looked and sounded just as they did pre-export, none of these
> channel-dropping shenanigans. I should like to know how you first noticed
> this and came to this conclusion, and see if I could replicate it.
> Other than that - if this is indeed a long-standing issue with Audacity,
> which would frankly be almost criminal, I'd encourage you and everybody
> else to stop using it for this purpose. But this is such a severe,
> basic-functionality flaw that I have to remain skeptical that that's what's
> happening here.
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Major Snafu with Audacity
> >
> > Help!!! I'm using Audacity (the latest) to digitise masses of
> > cassettes and reel-reel tapes and vinyl records. BUT it has a major
> > flaw. Even though I'm using a Lenco stereo transcription deck and a
> > dual stereo cassette and a stereo reel-reel deck - the end result is
> > always in mono.
> >
> > The stereo recordings are digitised as confirmed by monitoring the
> > input to the digitisation device. However the  output is recorded by
> > Audacity as in mono.
> >
> > The chain is this:
> >
> > Lenco Transcription deck > analogue stereo output
> > Akai 4000Ds Mk Ii Reel To Reel > analogue stereo output
> > Double Cassette Player > analogue stereo output
> >
> > Behringer UFO202 UPhono USB Audio Interface > analogue stereo input #
> > digital stereo output
> > Griffin GC16035 iMic USB Audio Adapter > analogue stereo input #
> > digital stereo output
> >
> > USB (2.0 or 3.0) port on Dell Inspiron laptop > digital stereo input
> >
> > Audacity > digital MONO output (the right channel is lost, the left
> > channel is recorded on both right and left channels of the resultant
> > file)
> >
> > The various Audacity forums report that this has been an issue for  a
> > long time. No-one seems to have an answer or work around.
> >
> > Has anyone here got any suggestions please.
> >
> > Thank you - Chris B.
> >