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Wisconsin Sound Archive
	Social studies 

 From the Wisconsin Historical Society comes the Wisconsin Sound 
Archive: "an ongoing effort to digitize and make the audio heritage from 
and about the state of Wisconsin available to the public online." This 
recently launched collection features oral history interviews, radio 
broadcasts, and radio advertisements. As of this write-up, the archive 
features a variety of single recordings as well as collections of 
related material. These collections include the Wisconsin Communities 
radio broadcasts, which profiled a variety of Wisconsin cities during 
the 1950s. This series was part of Wisconsin College of the Air, a 
series of educational programming launched in 1931 at UW-Madison's WHA 
station. The archive also features select oral history collections. In 
the Oral History of Plant Closings in Milwaukee collection, recorded in 
2015, visitors can hear Milwaukee residents describe the impact of 1970s 
deindustrialization on Milwaukee's African-American community. 
Meanwhile, the Beloit Bicentennial Oral History Project features a 
series of 1976 interviews with Beloit residents. Recordings that include 
indexes or transcripts link out to a separate page that allows you to 
search keywords and jump to the correlating points within the audio, 
making searching within recordings for a specific topic easy and 
interactive. The team behind the Wisconsin Sound Archive is continuing 
to expand the project and is in the process of adding additional 
recordings - including environmental recordings, speeches, and 
conferences - to the collection, so stay tuned.


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