I'm snowed in at home, so forgive the imprecision.


I'm recording 24/96 in Soundforge.  


I need to add information that stays with the file to RX5 and back again to
SF.  There are 6 fields:


Work title


Date recorded

Source.  If 78, manufacturer of the matrix, the maytrix numbers and the
issuing company and number of the 78 used for the transfer

Format of the original: 78, lacquer, etc.

In their Metadata option there are three choices.  Recording metadata seems
to be generated automatically.  One says it's a compendium of some of the
metadata and had blank fields as well.  I forget what the third one is
called but felt it was less useful for my purpose.


When I fill in this data in SF, it shows up when I open the file again and
even if I change something in the sound file.  But when I send it to RX5 and
bring it back, that info disappears.


By the time I've done with RX5ing it, the source disc may have been disposed
of, so I need to enter that data when the SF file is fresh.


Any way to fix this?


Steve Smolian