I'm trying to locate the source of a problem using RX5.


I record in Soundforge 11 at 96/24 and do minimal editing.   I import it
into RX5 which converts it to 96/32 floating.


I process it there.  I convert it to 96/24.wav either with and without the
BWF header.  Makes no difference.


I play it back in 96/24 in RX5.  Sounds the same.


I import it into Soundforge 11.  I play it back.  It sounds the same.


I normalize it.  I get crackling noises in the climaxes.  I do the same,
using the "increase volume" slider.  Same bad result.


What am I doing wrong?


Could this be an issue with insufficient RAM?  RX works ok, and I assume
that uses more than normalizing.


I'm puzzled.  I get good demo results but can't make a CD of them without
destroying the quality I've gotten in RX5.


Steve Smolian