A look at the map convinced me that, indeed, Boston would not be a good 
idea when less than a week is available between Washington and 
Baltimore. Baltimore and Philadelphia/Maryland and New Jersey, should 
have plenty to whet my appetite.

Talking about food and music: Why should I listen to a scratchy Ken 
Griffin, when there is the alternative of a mint Charles-Marie Widor or 
Jimmy Smith?
Music critics mostly know what they are talking about, restaurant 
critics mostly don’t.

I am aware of the ZAGAT guides, they can be useful but I am not overly 
impressed. Like TRIPADVISOR, they collect and “analyse” whatever they 
can find in the www. Consequently they have little to say about “fine 
dining” and rather recommend bars offering triple sandwiches, with 
sports on TV, after having noted customer postings on the internet.

  It is my sad experience that culinary critics, even those who publish 
in very renowned newspapers, are just journalists who write up 
restaurants for a free meal, they are not professional experts in wine, 
or in preparing food. As well, “servers” are often of little help: 
untrained students who depend on tips to survive. Experienced head 
waiters or somelliers are rare as hens’ teeth.

  Therefore, I depend on personal recommendations from people who know, 
and care. I have found TRULY EXCELLENT restaurants all over the US, the 
hard task is to find them. The ARSC community has proven to be very 


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