Hi Gene,

Thank you for that comment, which is right on target. As someone who either has attained or is soon to attain "old-timer" status, I could not agree more that young members are the future of this and every other professional organization. So, let's do everything we can to encourage more student chapters and more young members. We hope to see you all in Baltimore, and beyond. 



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I am so glad to see more young people joining the ARSC community.  I hope lots you can come to Baltimore in May - I helped put together some things to do and see around town that should be up on the ARSC web site before the conference.  Thanks.


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> Hello, ARSCers!
> As you may have heard, ARSC now has its first student chapter at UCLA! 
> The Music Library Students and Emerging Professionals group (MLStEP) 
> has recently posted a new blog written by the founder of the Student 
> Chapter, Yuri Shimoda, titled "The Student Chapter of ARSC at UCLA"
> <
> 26/the-student-chapter-of-arsc-at-ucla-a-blog-post-by-yuri-shimoda/>
> While geared towards the membership of MLStEP, it's nevertheless a 
> wonderful little blurb about ARSC, the founding of the chapter, and 
> some of the activities they've already been doing as a group!
> All the best,
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