Just saw your response. See my response re: DLF Labor Working Group, but I would add that we're about to have a call with SAA's Issues & Advocacy Section next week to explore ways in which we can join forces on this effort. So yes, we’re starting to organize! #wecandobetter



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I agree ARSC should do what it can to discourage unpaid internships, but I don't think disallowing or deleting them from the listserv is an effective approach, and we don't keep a job board. I understand that unpaid internships are unfortunately common, and wouldn't want to take away opportunities from those beginning their careers or small/lean organizations, but I do think professional organizations like ARSC have an opportunity and a responsibility to shape our field toward inclusion and equity. I think ARSC may be especially vulnerable to exploitative "opportunities" since working with audio / cultural materials is more than a job for many of us. I also had to pay for the privilege of an internship as part of my education, and fought my institution on it, and lost. Could it be useful for ARSC or an appropriate committee to encourage member institutions to fund internships, or waive fees for internships that are part of an education? Do other organizations (SAA, MLA, AES, etc.) take stances on these types of issues?