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> OK.  I stand corrected.  But let me "reinterpret" here.  There is nothing
> "normal" about raising the level of every track "to the max" and thinking
> you have accomplished a good thing.  A sound file really needs to sound
> well in relation to to its neighbors, for listening purposes (as opposed to
> simple archiving).  Where the tracks are parts of the same piece of music,
> we usually want the level to remain consistent for that piece of music,
> meaning softer tracks will sound softer, etc.  That is, unless the goal is
> to achieve some kind of "overall compression," where everything is at the
> same level (for a disco party?).  

I think others have mentioned here that normalizing is NOT riding gain,
either in all tracks or in one track in relation to others.  

Think of it an analogous to setting the black and while level in a video

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