reply from Glenn Jones:
  "I was friends with Robbie and he sent me tapes of what became Twilight Peaks when it was still very much a work in progress. The album was made from those tapes. That's why there are additional tracks that weren't on the original cassette release. On the CD version of TP there are two additional live versions of two songs that were later recorded in the studio. These were "place holders" when Robbie was sending out demos to various labels. Plus there's a short vocal track that was recorded in the studio but wasn't included on the all-instrumental album. This appears on the reissue too. I tried to get access to the original master tapes for this reissue, but the label they were recorded for left the masters at the studio, never paid for their return, and the tapes were subsequently destroyed in a fire in the studio."

  Don't know if there are many 'takes' of each composition in the tapes - if there
are many, then it is possible the remaster is constructed from different material
than used on the cassette.  Is it significant???
  These kinds of questions descend into the obsessive-compulsive range, demonstrated
in the myriad alternative mixes of Beatles recordings.
  I will explore this a bit further....

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Glenn Jones has a Bandcamp page with contact info, you could try emailing him through there. He also has an active Facebook page that you could try contacting him through. Another option would be to shoot Thrill Jockey an email and see if they'll put you in touch with him.

That Basho record was self released so I bet he just used demo recordings for the release (as opposed to going in to a commercial studio), but that's just my guess.

I'm interested to hear what you find.

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018, 17:35 Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I notice the descriptions of the CD reissue of the Basho TWILIGHT 
> PEAKS album say remastered from DEMO tapes.
> Does this mean that the original chrome cassette tape release is a 
> different recording from the CD (i.e. studio) ??? OR was the somewhat 
> obscure tape [released by THE ART OF RELAXATION (Vital Body Marketing 
> Co., Manhasset NY)] issued from the same demo recordings as were used 
> for the CD ??
> Anyone know how to contact GLENN JONES (Varrick Records, Cul de Sac) 
> who did the remaster ??
> Thanks! Thomas.