Hi Nono,


Illinois has been self-managed for some time now. We have averaged about 5950 letters a year over the last six years. Please know you are welcome to contact me with questions at any time and feel free to add me to your discussion group!


Bonnie Matheis

Coordinator, Illinois Center for the Book


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Jesse White, Secretary of State and State Librarian




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Hi Nono,

I’ve been self-managing for 6 years now. We get around 1800 letters usually at the most. I’d be happy to talk to you about it.





Suzanne Walker

Indiana Young Readers Center Librarian

Director, Indiana Center for the Book

Indiana State Library

140 N. Senate Ave

Indianapolis, IN  46204

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Subject: Letters About Literature - Self supporting states


Hi all,

I am aware that all messages on this list go to the entire list so I want to start here but hope that anyone interested in the conversation will respond to me personally [log in to unmask] and I will start an email thread with only the parties that are interested.


We are exploring ideas in Washington to become self-supporting next year.  I would love to connect with other states that are already doing this to hear your thoughts and what has and has not worked for you.  Our idea right now is to see if we can work with one of our teacher colleges to identify a future teacher- maybe an English teacher- and offer a stipend to make the first two cuts of the letters.  Washington in the past has had over 3000 letters so we need outside help to process and this seemed like a way to both get that help and to also expose future teachers to the contest. 


Anyway please let me know if you are interested in being part of the discussion.


Thanks everyone,


NONO BURLING, Outreach Librarian

Washington State Library | Office of the Secretary of State

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“Connecting Washington through the power of libraries.”



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