Hi all,

I thought I had sent this out a couple of days ago but I don't see it
anywhere so I guess not, but pardon any duplication.  Since the restaurant
discussion has engendered many comments and suggestions, and my taste runs
more toward the many ethnic restaurants in Baltimore (I can recommend some
of them if anyone is interested), I posted a note to my neighborhood's
Google discussion group (with a few hundred subscribers) and they came up
with some favorite restaurants (not necessarily seafood oriented) I have
not mentioned.  The ones that were recommended by many are:

   - Charleston, 1000 Lancaster St in Harbor East
   - The Prime Rib, 1101 N. Calvert St.
   - Woodberry Kitchen, 2010 Clipper Park Rd - very well-liked and
   difficult to get a table.  Note that one person warned of over use of salt
   in many dishes there.
   - Tio Pepe, 10 East Franklin St.
   - Magdalena in the Ivy Hotel, 205 East Biddle St.

Hope this helps - thanks.