As a local, I second Eli's advice.  Do pay close attention to drop off
points with buses.  There are 4 major bus drop off points in Baltimore.

Megabus drops off at White Marsh Mall out in the suburbs, which is about a
25 minute drive to downtown.  There are no good transit options to downtown
from White Marsh, so you'll have to get a cab or Uber/Lyft. Not recommended
unless you have a friend in town picking you up.

Chinatown buses mostly drop off at the Baltimore Travel Plaza, which is on
the Southeast side of the city, about a 15 minute cab/Lyft/Uber ride to
downtown.  Or, you can take the MTA Navy line bus from the Travel Plaza to
the conference hotel. They are supposed to run every 10-15 minutes during
the day but in reality its more like every 20-25 minutes.  Probably not the
best option unless you are staying on the East side of town.

Greyhound buses drop off at the Greyhound station, which is just west of
downtown.  A quick cab or bus ride, or if traveling light its not a super
far walk.  Perhaps 15 minutes.

Bolt Bus drops off at Penn Station, which is just a quick light rail trip,
bus ride, or taxi ride downtown.  You can also get the free bus (Charm City
Circulator) from Penn Station to downtown.  Bolt buses tend to fill up
quickly so I'd book in advance if going that route.


On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 7:50 PM, Gary Gottlieb <[log in to unmask]>

> Eli is right, there is a vast difference between bus services. If you want
> to compare all buses including departure and arrival locations along with
> price and timetables try
> The train is more serene, however the bus is much less expensive,
> especially as the event gets closer. Just like flights, train tickets cost
> much more as the travel date nears.
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> On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 7:36 PM, Eli Bildirici <
> [log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Just booked at the last minute. For anybody on the Eastern Seaboard
> > looking at transportation options - I opted to go with a bus, given the
> > relative expense in comparison to trains (which are also notoriously
> > unreliable thanks to our wonderful, forward-thinking political leaders).
> I
> > found that different companies will have different pickup/drop-off
> > locations. MegaBus will leave you somewhere on the outskirts of town -
> > would take another hour to get to the hotel by public transportation -
> but
> > BoltBus will drop you off somewhere near Baltimore's Penn Station. There
> > are other options I'm sure, but regardless, pay attention to where the
> > drop-off location is - I only bothered to check at the last minute.
> >
> > Eli
> >

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