On 4/15/2018 4:02 PM, John Haley wrote:
> Mickey,
> There is a real issue with dubbing 78's (or any other recording) at a speed
> other than what it was intended to be played back at.  You are drastically
> changing the frequencies of the recording when you play it at the wrong
> speed, which will totally screw up the intended phono-EQ decoding, which is
> keyed into the original frequencies. 

[much more good stuff snipped]

If you dub the disc using a flat preamp with no EQ at 33.33 rpm, you can 
then resample it to an equivalent speed of 78.26, 76.6 or 80 rpm as 
needed. (Audition does his well.) Once it's at the right equivalent 
speed, you can add de-emphasis at the appropriate frequencies. This 
offers, for example, a way to get the good tracking of a Grado 78 
cartridge, while minimizing the infamous "Grado wobble" -- there will be 
fewer things to excite it at 33.33 rpm than at 78 rpm (or a similarly 
high speed).


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