Annett Hanshaw saying "That's All" 50 different ways-Mickey

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Amazing. I have put the removed sound together in a stream like that, 
sometimes with and sometimes without the silences.
Once I put togther all the removed ums and ahs from 13 hours of Joseph 
Campbell radio interviews, and it sounded like a little nonsense song.

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> Then these guys edited the mouth noises back together: 
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> Me too,but not restoration - I edited hundreds of audiobooks on tape. I 
> was extremely good at cutting out mouth noises (as little as 1/16th inch 
> on 7.5 IPS tape) and was very happy to move to digital resolution.
> Now magic software does it! I've seen as many as 25,000 mouth clicks per 
> hour removed by Izotope RX. Same for record clicks.
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>> THX to John Haley for the original link!
>> As one who started in the recording industry when vacuum tubes were still 
>> in use (Late 1960's), I can honestly say: "Been there, done that." I have 
>> edited many a click and pop from audio tape. And, I used some of his 
>> methods for Forensics and Restoration from that era. As equipment became 
>> available, mostly single ended noise reduction, I employed it's use as 
>> well. I was fascinated by just how much Mr. Davies methods were the same 
>> as editing magnetic film ( Wiping oxide from the backing and his editing 
>> block was similar to a magnetic film "Sync Block", etc.)
>> Yes, things are much easier today,
>> Cheers!