for a start, I had the following, which are now part of the University 
of California at Santa Barbara sound collection:
*78-Schellack-GESAMT* Präfix 	Katalog-Nummer 	Vorname 	Interpret 	Titel
AFC 	204 	The 	Boom Brothers 	Take It/Zulu Mthate
AFC 	178 	
	Hollywood Jazz Band (Wamala) 	Katisha/Ibaba In'Gombe
AFC 	180 	
	Hollywood Jazz Band (Wamala) 	Moonlight/Sunrise
BZ 	1310 	The 	Johannesburg Guitar Players 	Spono/Isono Sam
BZ 	1137 	Stiphen 	Kabengele 	I Am Clever/Itabafana
BZ 	1075 	Freddy 	Long's Marabi band 	Rag Time/G-Man
AFC 	115 	Dorothy 	Masuka Hot Music 	Ba Zali Bami/Suka Lapa
AFC 	223 	Dorothy 	Masuka Nu-Sentimental Monarchs 	Thandi/Into'Yam
AFC 	242 	
	Mombasa Swingsters 	Sauti Ya Mvita/Pendo leto
AFC 	166 	Benny G. 	Mwrebi Harlem Swingsters 	U-Mgibe/Kofifi
AFC 	152 	The 	Rhodesian Railways African Welfare band 	Georgie's 
Boogie/Maxwell Jive
AFC 	156 	The 	Shanty Town Septet 	Mbube/Saduva
BZ 	1321 	
	Sheshisha (Guitar) 	Emahlathini/Ingane Encane
AFK 	44 	The 	Southern Serenaders 	Never Mind//See Them Dance The Quela
AFC 	218 	Michael 	Xaba's Golden City Six 	Amadlosi/Uhlamkile
BZ 	1313 	The 	Young Evangelists 	Kenekelutse/Tsotsi
AFC 	208 	The 	Young Evangelists 	Twala U Mtwalo/Hamba Nozizwe
BZ 	1322 	
	Zoutpansberg Merrymakers 	Vha Dan Luheni/Muvanya

Troubadour records were exported all over southern and eastern Africa. 
Collectors of ethnic music cherish them, and many are of hot music 
interest as well.

Am 28.04.2018 um 06:47 schrieb David Katznelson:
> One of the biggest record labels in South Africa in the 50s was
> Troubadour.  The story is actually SUPER compelling and I know the family
> whose patriarch co-founded the label. Their masters were sold to gallo
> records but I am pretty sure after doing some research that they have lost
> the masters, or at least a majority of them.
> Between the internet, discogs, other sources, there are about 10-12 sides
> "out there" but not even a piece of the bigger pie.
> I am looking for Troubador recordings/masters/78s. I am looking for any
> help in putting back together this catalog.  I have a project in mind for
> this music
> David Katznelson

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