Hi Brewster,

Yes the idea of an open access publication model for the ARSC Journal has been discussed. It may be time to revisit it and assess the potential impacts relative to the mission of the association. For example, a certain number of our institutional members, mostly academic libraries, are members only for the subscription to the hard copy of the journal. Given the pressure of increasing subscription costs for non-open access journals on library budgets the association would likely lose at least a small percentage of those members if the journal were open access. I'm not sure what the impacts of that might be, perhaps negligible if offset by increased royalties received from aggregators such as ProQuest, RILM, etc.

BTW, all members also have full online access to all journal articles through ARSC's AMP database though the indexing may leave something to be desired as compared to Google as it is not full text. At any rate I agree with you that it's worth discussing as an association. If others have opinions or thoughts I'm sure the publications committee and the board would welcome hearing them. Please feel free to voice them here or direct them to me or a board member privately.

I hope you get some ARSC volunteers to help with dating 15,000 undated sides! And please let me know which article you want and I'll send it along.


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] make arsc journal open access? Please!

I am putting dates on 78rpm records in the Great 78 Project (we could use more help!).

And I found an exciting lead in the ARSC Journal via google book search, but alas, I only get snippet view because of copyright problems:

Would ARSC be up for making all of its journals open access and then try to get google to allow full searching of it?

-brewster  is the project and we have 15,000 sides without dates out of 63,000.   We have a small group working through
this-- if you would like to help, please let me know.