Hi Tommy,
I dug out my old hard drive with Bias Peak 6 files. I opened up the files in Sound Forge and RX. They both read the markers. I tried it with WaveLab and it didn't read the markers. I've been using Sound Forge since the 90's and it's a very good program. The new version for Mac runs great on my iMac and Mac Book. BTW I have used it with USB AD/DA converters. The ones I've used so far are, Focusrite, M-Audio, and Steinberg.
Good Luck,Adrian

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 Hi all,
I would like to ask the gathered wisdom of ARSClist if there’s any solution to this problem.
For many years I’ve been a Mac user, and have digitized thousands of tapes using BIAS Peak. To aid in cataloging, I’ve put track markers in each file, and exported the regions for further use in the catalogue database. The MacPro that I’ve been using is now way beyond upgrading, and time has come to go the Windows way (I think).
My problem is this: which DAW software for PC can read and comprehend those Peak regions, in addition to act as recording software for 2 channels?
So far I’ve only tried Reaper (on Mac), and it is not savvy to those markers, deleting them on re-save. Ditto for Audition.


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