True--and I'm glad that the notices sent by ARSC's Outreach Committee always lead with the full name of our organization.

That said, AMIA, or the Association of Moving Image Archivists is a top notch group with goals similar to ARSC's in the film and video realm. I presented at their conference in Richmond, VA a few years ago.

ARSC, AMIA..."we're all in the same alphabet soup," as Leo G. Carroll said to Cary Grant in North by Northwest.

Matthew Barton
ARSC (Association for... you know)

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I once took the time to look it up and found that this is about moving images, something I have no professional interest in. It would be nice if the notice mentioned what AMIA is! It isn't hard to look it up, but shouldn't be necessary if one doesn't know what it is...

Just a kindly communications suggestion... :-) <L> Lou Judson Intuitive Audio

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> The AMIA Conference Committee
> Invites Proposal Submissions for Papers, Sessions and Workshops For 
> the 2018 Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon November 28 - December 
> 1, 2018