Then these guys edited the mouth noises back together: 

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Me too,but not restoration - I edited hundreds of audiobooks on tape. I was extremely good at cutting out mouth noises (as little as 1/16th inch on 7.5 IPS tape) and was very happy to move to digital resolution.

Now magic software does it! I've seen as many as 25,000 mouth clicks per hour removed by Izotope RX. Same for record clicks.

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> THX to John Haley for the original link!
> As one who started in the recording industry when vacuum tubes were still in use (Late 1960's), I can honestly say: "Been there, done that." I have edited many a click and pop from audio tape. And, I used some of his methods for Forensics and Restoration from that era. As equipment became available, mostly single ended noise reduction, I employed it's use as well. I was fascinated by just how much Mr. Davies methods were the same as editing magnetic film ( Wiping oxide from the backing and his editing block was similar to a magnetic film "Sync Block", etc.)
> Yes, things are much easier today,
> Cheers!