I think it is in the Feb 1929 issue of Radio Broadcast magazine where
there is a picture of the editor Edgar H. Felix and an Edison or Dick
cylinder dictating machine and a Cooley RayFoto apparatus either
recording or playing back the picture broadcast on WOR.  I think there
was a story in the previous November issue and some ads for kits made by
Presto -- yes, the same Presto.  This was their first product.  When I
met Felix in the 1970s he did not have any paperwork or recordings at
all.  All he had kept of his career were the bound volumes of Radio
Broadcast magazine.

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Radio Facsimile
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Hi all,

I'm doing a presentation related to the history of radio facsimile in a
couple weeks at the ARSC conference and was wondering if any other ARSC
folks have done research related to this topic? or perhaps know of any
sound recordings of historic radio facsimile transmissions that might
somewhere? Anyhow, let me know. Either way, I'd love to hear from you
connect before the conference. Thanks all!


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