Brewster. I'm not a tekkie guy (I'm the financial one) but I think that by going to Open Access we would lose the Royalties we get . These amount to thousands of $ each year to balance our budget. Someone more tekkie than I might know better. Looking forward to seeing  ya next week in Baltimore! (as usual)
Steve Ramm
ARSC Treasurer
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 I am putting dates on 78rpm records in the Great 78 Project (we could
use more help!).

And I found an exciting lead in the ARSC Journal via google book search,
but alas, I only get snippet view because of copyright problems:

Would ARSC be up for making all of its journals open access and then try
to get google to allow full searching of it?

-brewster  is the project and we have 15,000 sides
without dates out of 63,000.   We have a small group working through
this-- if you would like to help, please let me know.