As with this poster to the acquisitions list serve, I find the thread interesting and relevant to some of what we all face as we try to develop stable platform for resources.


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I find this thread interesting. Librarians are willing to pay thousands of dollars to JSTOR for annual access fees on each collection they sell but not to individual publishers for single and important reference works we think are valuable to our libraries? There are infrastructure costs even with single books and server/cloud costs associated with that hosting. Librarians generally buy reference works on cycles of 2-5 year intervals. Im not sure I understand why the costs Sage are asking for are onerous. 

APA charges $150 per handbook and if I remember correctly their cap is something like $1,500 or $3,000.


Would you accept this fee if it was just part of the cost of the reference work like Wiley and other publishers do? 


Also, if you have other backfiles with Sage where you pay an annual access fee such as on a historical collection or on journal runs, then you've have met the $500 cap and do not have to pay on individual titles. With Sage, at least, there is a cap in the hundreds and there is transparency in what the cost supports.




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Thanks Mike and Lindsey!  Will have to keep this in mind for future purchases. I’m not sure I agree with this practice; if a single ebook is purchased, we shouldn’t have to pay an annual access fee.  It’s much more palatable to pay an access fee for a purchased database rather than a single book. But, it’s my fault for not looking at the agreement more closely.  Will do so in the future!




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That is their policy - up to a $500 / year maintenance fee.  We just don't buy on their platform due to it.  Some other publishers charge an annual maintenance fee but it generally is much lower as a cap and the per title cost is much too high.



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Hi Everyone,


I’ve been in collections development for 3 years now and just received a $25 hosting fee invoice for a Sage handbook title we purchased last year.  I verified that the bill is real, and am waiting for additional clarification, but this seems so odd.  Am I missing something?  We have hosting fees for database purchases, but I’ve never seen one for a single e-book title. 






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