The Library of Congress office just received a large gift of Islamic themed videos many of which are jihad or, on the other hand, proposing a moderate definition of jihad.  We divided these into two groups:


Those about Indonesia (numbering nearly 200 videos/VCD) and those that have outside Indonesia themes (mostly Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan) which number about 100.


Given that we may have collected some of the titles and that there is some repetition within the donation, I propose sending to one participant library.  These date from early to mid-2000s so will likely need preservation and certainly will require cataloging. I noticed that some are on YouTube.


I think it important to keep these as a collection meaning there would be a large collection at the Library of Congress and another similar unique collection in a university.  Please decide on  one university that will be able to use these and make available.  I will send to that university unprocessed. 


Carol L. Mitchell, M.L.S., Ph.D.

Field Director

Southeast Asia Regional Office

Library of Congress

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